The year 2000 was yet another important year for Kapralova's music, as our Society's members, partners, and other Kapralova supporters continued promoting her work both in and outside the Czech Republic. Reviews of Kapralova's music appeared in various journals, including the one by Calum MacDonald written for Tempo, a prestigeous British quarterly for modern music. Other publications that featured Kapralova reviews included CIEMME and Nuova e Nostra (reviews by Marco del Vaglio), New Homeland (concert review by Joseph Drapell), Satellite (concert review by Josef Cermak), and Amazon.com, Amazon.fr, and Musica bona (reviews by Karla Hartl).

Articles promoting Kapralova's life and work appeared in Czech journal Opus Musicum (Jan Kux and Jindra Bartova), British journal Tempo (Karla Hartl and Eugene Gates), and Canadian bi-weekly New Homeland (Antonin Kubalek). In addition, Slovanske Gymnazium in Olomouc reprinted an excerpt from Jiri Macek's monograph on Kapralova in their anthology Slovanske Gymnazium Literarni.

Last year, the composer's music was also broadcast on radio and television. Kapralova's melodrama To Karel Capek was introduced to radio listeners by the Society's member Harry-Imre Dijkstra in his program De Tsjechische twintigste eeuw, prepared for De Concertzender Radio Holland. The composer's Military Sinfonietta was featured in the program Non-American Orchestral Music, produced by Jeanne E. Shaffer for the Southeastern Public Radio Network in the US. The Czech Radio 3 (Vltava) broadcast three programs featuring music by Kapralova: the first, commemorating Kapralova's anniversary at the beginning of the year, was prepared by Lukas Matousek and Jana Vasatova; the second, written by composer Lenka Foltynova, was broadcast in summer as part I of a five-part series on music by women composers; and the third, broadcast in October, featured the radio premiere of Elegy for violin and piano, performed by Jiri Tomasek and Ludmila Cermakova. Czech Television (Studio Brno) featured Kapralova in the program entitled Notes.

The year 2000 marks the start date of two film projects concerning Kapralova: one based on a screenplay by Natalia Borodin, the other on a script written by Rudolf Chudoba of Marie Kucerova's production team (Czech TV - Studio Brno). The former project is a prize winning (Prix Beaumarchais) script adaptation of Jiri Mucha's Au seuil de la nuit and a work in progress that is yet to find its producer; the latter is a television documentary on Kapralova's life and work. The documentary, which is to be presented at the international festival Golden Prague on May 6-10, 2001, will make a considerable contribution to Kapralova research by featuring the world premiere of her unfinished Concertino, op. 21, for clarinet, violin, and orchestra. The score of this remarkable composition was finished and orchestrated during 2000, based on the impetus of the clarinetist Pavel Busek, by the member of our advisory committee, Dr. Milos Stedron (Masaryk University), in collaboration with Dr. Leos Faltus (Janacek Academy of Performing Arts).

Finally, the year 2000 was also significant for the number of performances of Kapralova's music presented worldwide. A concert of Kapralova's music, organized by our Society in its hometown Toronto, was particularly important in raising the composer's profile in Canada and in sparking interest in her life and work. A CBC Radio documentary on Kapralova, featuring some of the music premiered at the event, is currently being prepared in collaboration with the Society and its members Karla Hartl and Anton Kubalek, to be broadcast in 2001.

women in music

In 2000, we designed and hosted webpages promoting the members of Hudbaby (Musicrones), a group of the youngest generation of Czech women composers from Brno: Katerina Ruzickova, Lenka Foltynova, Marketa Dvorakova, Barbara Skrlova, Katerina Straznicka, and Marcela Vocilkova. We have been also instrumental in connecting the group with radio producers in Holland and the United States and facilitated their meeting with the members of Raduga Orchestra from Holland who are now working with the group on a project that will pay a tribute to Kapralova in a concert of their and Kapralova's music in Amsterdam in 2003.


We wish to thank the following artists and ensembles who promoted Kapralova's music in Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Japan, and the United States in 2000 (in chronological order): K. Vanova, Sabina Vajdova, Tomas Visek, Monika Splouchalova, Bohuslav Martinu Philharmonic Orchestra, Tomas Hanus, Milada Petrovicova and her students, Clare Clements, Iva Fleischhansova, Jodi Huang, Marika Kasparova, Linda Bartkova, Jan Kral, Ivona Konecna, Iris Gerber, Alice Rajnohova, Hanus Weigl, Mariko Terashi-Boyer, Vladoslav Czarnecky, Antonin Kubalek, Axel Gremmelspacher, Gerard Kantarjian, Coenraad Bloemendal, Dana Campbell, The Hawthorne String Quartet, Jiri Tomasek, Ludmila Cermakova, Mari Tokuda, Humiko Nishimatsu, Marta Dembicka, Tereza Gregorova, Jana Stefackova, the West Bohemian Symphony Orchestra, and Jonathan Sternberg.

Finally, we would like to thank our sponsors, partners, friends, and all the others who assisted our efforts in 2000 (in order by activities): Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Embassy of the Czech Republic, Radka Calabkova, Hartl Sala LLP, Karel and Olga Velan, Ludka and Milos Strapec, Antonin Kubalek, Hsiao Huang, Jenny Matys, Martina Dobson, Joseph Drapell, Josef Cermak, Denise Ball, Harry-Imre Dijkstra, Jeanne E. Shaffer, Lenka Foltynova, Lukas Matousek, Jana Vasatova, Rudolf Chudoba, Marie Kucerova, Natalia Borodin, Michael Wellner-Pospisil, Leos Faltus, Milos Stedron, Jaroslava Babanova, Jindra Bartova, Timothy Cheek, Zdenek Cupak, Lidmila Dankova, Jarmila Gabrielova, Eugene Gates, Marie J. Harvat, Paul Hartl, Ludmila Hatrick, Vicky De Jonghe, Jan Kux, Judith Mabary, Jiri Macek, Katerina Mayrova, Graham Melville-Mason, Jaroslav Mihule, Lyn Olsson, Milada Petrovicova, Vera Rudolfova, Jonathan Sternberg, Alexandra Lukasova, Martina Muchova and The Bohuslav Martinu Museum in Policka, Jiri Zahradka, Veronika Vildmanova, Lubomir Fendrych and Hudba a zvuk, Malcolm MacDonald, Bedrich Prochazka, Jan Matejcek, Kass Sunderji, Gregory Terian, Mari Tokuda, Marco del Vaglio, Tomas Visek, Hanus Weigl, and Matthias Wurz.

Report prepared by Karla Hartl, Chair, The Kapralova Society. Toronto, March 2001.