compact disc cover 1. Lullaby
2. Lonely Blues
3. Spring Mood
4. Back To The Sky
5. Street Girl's Confession
6. Winter Mood
7. Into My Heart
8. You Don´t Love Me Anymore
9. Hamburg City
10. Every Day

Daniela Valtová Kosinová - vocal, piano, hammonds, Josef Štepánek - guitars, pedal steel guitar, Jaromír Honzák - bass, Martin Novák - drums, Václav Martin Sýkora - flute

All music composed by Daniela Valtová Kosinová. All lyrics written by Daniela Valtová Kosinová, except for no. 4 (Jan Valta) and no.7 (Alfred Edward Houseman)

Sound engineer and mastering - Ondrej Urban
Photographer - David Havelík
Recorded in 2009 in Prague. Released in 2010 by Atton Records.

This project has been financially assisted by the Kapralova Society