the woman composer question: a bibliography
Eugene Gates, Ed.D.

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beach boulanger clarke crawford hensel kapralova mägi pejacevic price smyth tailleferre wieck


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Eugene Gates holds a B.A. in music (Acadia University), an M.A. in music criticism (McMaster University), and an Ed.D. in aesthetics of music (University of Toronto). He is a retired faculty member of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. His articles on women composers and other musical subjects have appeared in the Journal of Aesthetic Education, Canadian Music Educator, Journal of the American Liszt Society, Tempo, Music Educators Journal, Czech Music, Viva Voce, University of Toronto Quarterly, and Kapralova Society Journal. Dr. Gates serves on the Board of the Kapralova Society, sits on the Society's Advisory Committee, and co-edits the Kapralova Society Journal.

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