Olga Jezkova in 2012

Photo: Nakladatelstvi CRo

Olga Jezkova

studied composition with Prof. Frantisek Kovaricek at the State Conservatory in Prague (graduated in 1981). She worked for the Czechoslovak Radio Archives (1980-1986), Supraphon Editio (1989-1991), taught composition and music theory at a music school (1986-1994) and music theory and education at the State Conservatory in Prague (1991-1994). Before retiring, she worked as editor of the Czech Radio Sheet Music Publishing House (2001-2015).

Orchestral | Vocal-Orchestral Music
Missa in honorem sancti Adalberti | soprano, mixed choir, violin and percussion
Slavnostni fuga (Solemn Fugue) | string orchestra
Serenada pro smycce (Serenade for Strings) | string orchestra
Zlutocerveny plakat pro velky orchestr (Yellow-Red Poster for Symphonic Sound) | large orchestra
Zalmova fantazie "Pastyr David" na text Stareho Zakona (Psalm Fantasy "David the Shepherd") on text of the Old Testament (selections by the composer) | two sopranos and chamber orchestra.
Troji zvolani pro sopran a komorni orchestr (Three Callings) | soprano, string quartet and percussion
Modre valery pro smyccovy orchestr a conga (Blue Tone Colors) | string orchestra, congo
Symfonicka fantazie "Oko" (Symphonic Fantasy "Eye") pro kontratenor a symfonicky orchestr na text Noveho a Stareho zakona | contralto and symphony orchestra mp3 sample

Chamber Music
Improptu | organ
Piano Sonata | piano
Cello Sonata | violoncello and piano
Violin Sonata "Zazihani" ("Igniting") | violin and piano
Piano Sonata, 4 hands | piano
Sonata per clarinetto e violino | clarinet and violin
Spektrum zakladnich barev pro dve kytary (Spectrum of Basic Colors) | 2 guitars
Variace na tema W.A. Mozarta (Variation on a Theme of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) | harp
Moji andele, cyklus pisni (Song cycle "My Angels") na slova J. Skacela (on a text by J.Skacel) | alto, 2 guitars, flute (or piano)
Ctyri balady na lidovy text (Four Ballads) | mezzosoprano and piano
Smyccovy kvartet "Modry" (String Quartet "Blue") | string quartet
Advent | violin, harpsichord, guitar and percussion
Tri hry pro dva hrace na tri nastroje (Three Games for Two Players of Three Instruments) | piano, violin, claves
Velebny kmet plny lasky (Reverenced Sage Filled with Love) | melodrama for a reciter and harp
Mozna (Maybe) tri pisne (three songs) na texty Andrey Waldove (on texts by Andrea Wald) | soprano, piano
Barlachuv andel (Barlach's Angel) | flute, string quintet mp3 sample

Music for Choir
Missa laeta | mixed choir a capella
Resurrexi - introitus | mixed choir a capella
Kristus factus est | soprano, mixed choir a capella
Rotate caeli - introitus | mixed choir a capella
Rozpocitadla | children's or women's choir, violin, viola
Jerusalem gaude | mixed choir a capella
Ticha rez (Silent Clash) - cyklus smisenych sboru na text O. Mikulaska (a cycle of choruses on texts by O. Mikulasek) | mixed choirs a capella
Prosba na upati pro smiseny sbor (Prayer at the Foot of a Hill) | mixed choir, text by J. Peterka
Male a velke nebe (Small and Big Heaven) - a cycle | children's choir, text by M. Cernik
Etudy (Etudes) - cyklus detskych sboru | children's choir, piano, percussion
Koralek (Little Bead) | women's choir
Pater noster | mixed choir, 3 violins, timpani, bells

Instructive Music
Pojd, zahrajem si spolu (Let's Go to Play Together) - a piano cycle, 4 hands | piano. Published by Editio Supraphon, Prague 1988.
Poeticke etudy (Poetical Etudes) | violin and violoncello
Kocouri pisnicky (Tomcat's Little Songs), text by M. Cernik | piano
Troje usmevy (Three Smiles) pro smyccovy kvartet | string quartet
Tri usmevy pro troje usta (Three Smiles for Three Mouths) | 2 clarinets and flute
Rondo brillante | school orchestra
Obrazky na klavesach (Images on Keyboard) | piano. Published by Amos Editio, Prague 2001.
Obrazky malovane smyccem (Images Painted by Bow) | violin and piano

Yellow-Red Poster. Atton Music, 2007. Music featured on the CD: Yellow-Red Poster for Large Orchestra, String Quartet "Blue", David the Shepherd (psalm fantasy), Missa in honorem sancti Adalberti. This project was made possible with the financial assistance of the OSA Foundation, the Czech Radio, and the Kapralova Society.

MP3 Recordings of Symphonic Fantasy, Blue Tone Colors, and Yellow-Red Poster available through Radioteka.

"Olga Jezkova's richly orchestrated, serious compositions deserve a place among the younger generation of Eastern European composers, in the tradition of Gubaidulina and Pärt. Jezkova's music does not simply entertain, it stirs the spirit." The IAWM Journal

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