Board of Directors

Karla Hartl
Eugene Gates
Kass Sunderji

Advisory Committee

Jindra Bartova
Michael Beckerman
Timothy Cheek
Erik Entwistle
Eugene Gates
Paul Hartl
Judith Mabary
Odaline de le Martinez
Jan Smaczny


The Kapralova Society Inc. is a Canadian non-profit music society. Founded in Toronto in 1998 by Karla Hartl, the Society's mission is to promote the music of Czech composer Vitezslava Kapralova (1915-1940) and to build awareness of women's contributions to musical life. To this end, the Society publishes research on Kapralova and other women in music in its open access journal and on its website, and assists projects that make Kapralova's music available in print and on record (preference is given to premiere releases). On occasion, we also support live performances provided that they are admission free.

The Kapralova Society is an associate member of the IAWM.

Annual Reports



Projects that we initiated and produced or financially assisted and/or on which we collaborated:

Reviews of our website


Kapralova Society Journal (since 2003)


Kapralova: Anthology of Correspondence vol. 1 (2015)
Kapralova: Anthology of Correspondence vol. 2 (2016)
Kapralova: Anthology of Correspondence vol. 3 and 4 (2017)

co-published with Czech Radio:
Kapralova: Anthology of Correspondence vol. 5 (2020)
Kapralova: Thematic Catalogue of the Works (2020)

co-published with Nakladatelstvi Klic:
Kauza Kapralova v dobové korespondenci a dokumentech (2021)

Sheet music

Kapralova Edition: Pisnicka for piano (2011)
Kapralova Edition: Maticce for three children's voices (2015)
Kapralova Edition: Fanfare for two horns, two trumpets and timpani (2015)
Kapralova Edition: Festive Fanfare for piano (2016)
Kapralova Edition: Dance for Piano (2020)

Tyrrell Edition: Theme and Variations (2021)

Tyrrell Edition: Grand Sonata (2021)

in partnership with Czech Radio, Baerenreiter, and Amos Editio:
Kapralova Edition: Prelude de Noel (2002)
Kapralova Edition: Deux ritournelles pour violoncelle et piano (2003)
Kapralova Edition: Concertino for Violin, Clarinet and Orchestra(2003)
Kapralova Edition: Military Sinfonietta (2005)
Kapralova Edition: Songs for voice and piano. COMPLETE EDITION (2005)
Kapralova Edition: Leden (January) for soprano/tenor, flute, two violins, violoncello and piano (2005)
Kapralova Edition: Partita (2006)
Kapralova Edition: Sonata appassionata (2006)
Kapralova Edition: Compositions for violin and piano. COMPLETE EDITION (2009)
Kapralova Edition: Three Piano Pieces and Grotesque Passacaglia (2010)
Kapralova Edition: Five Piano Pieces (2011)
Kapralova Edition: Sad Evening for soprano/tenor and piano (2011)
Kapralova Edition: Tales of a Small Flute (2014)
Kapralova Edition: Piano Concerto in D Minor (2014)
Kapralova Edition: Sad Evening for soprano/tenor and orchestra (2016)
Kapralova Edition: Suita rustica for large orchestra (2017)
Kapralova Edition: Suite en miniature for small orchestra (2018)
Kapralova Edition: Two Choruses for Women's Voices a cappella (2019)


CD Tribute to Vita Kapralova (2016)

in partnership with Naxos, Koch, Supraphon, Radioservis, Centaur, Albany, and others:
CD Kapralova: Portrait of a composer (1998)
CD Forever Kapralova: Songs (2003)
CD Hudbaby (2003)
CD Martinu: Piano works (2004)
CD Jezkova: Yellow-Red Poster (2007)
CD Music of Vitezslava Kapralova (2008)
CD Women of Firsts (2008)
CD Hudbaby "I Am Awaiting You" (2009)
CD Kapralova-Martinu: Preludium (2010)
CD Valtova Kosinova: Meeting point (2010)
CD Kapralova: Piano concerto and other works for keyboard (2011)
CD Kapral-Kapralova-Martinu: String quartets (2012)
CD Kapralova: Complete piano music (2017)

World premiere performances

in partnership with Janacek Academy of Music and University of Michigan:
Ilena (2007)
Fanfare for two horns, two trumpets and timpani (2015)


CBC (Canada): In Performance: Vitezslava Kapralova (2001)
Radio Vara (the Netherlands): Componist van de Week (2007)
Radio Slovenija (Slovenia): Zenske v svetu glasbe (2010)
BBC (United Kingdom): Composer of the Week: Vitezslava Kapralova (2015)
Czech Radio (Czech Republic): Kontexty: Vitezslava Kapralova (2018)
Czech Radio (Czech Republic): Akademie: The Kapralova Society: The 20th Anniversary (2018)

Television and film

in collaboration with Amazon:
Mozart in the Jungle, episodes 6 and 9 of the Season 3 of the award winning television series (2016)

Readers Theater

in partnership with Prague Symphony Orchestra, Prague Philharmonia, Arbor, and ArcoDiva:
Z listu Vitezslavy Kapralove (2019) (2020) (1921)

Online projects

Women in Music (1998-to date)

Competition prizes (discontinued)

The Kapralova Society Award (2011, 2013, and 2015)

34 Beacham Crescent, Scarborough, Ontario, M1T 1N1 Canada society[at]kapralova[dot]org