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Location of autographs, copyist copies, and performance material

Moravian Museum Department of Music History | Hudebni oddeleni Moravskeho zemskeho muzea. Smetanova 14, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic. A large collection of Kapralova's autograph scores and their copies, and performance material. See this list for details.

Moravian Regional Library | Moravska zemska knihovna. Kounicova 65a, 601 87 Brno, Czech Republic. Performance material for Hymn of Volunteer Nurses of the Czechoslovak Red Cross and Potpolis for women's voices.

Czech Museum of Music | Ceske muzeum hudby. Karmelitska 2, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic. Final autograph score of Partita, a copyist copy of Waving Farewell for voice and piano, and a copy of the autograph score of Prelude de Noel. Copies of autograph scores of Suite for piano, Three Pieces for Piano, and the melodrama To Karel Capek are part of Lenka Vojtiskova Papers (Fond 205).

Bibliotheque de Radio France. 116 Av. du President Kennedy, 75220 Paris Cedex 16, France. An autograph score of Symfonieta 1936 (orchestral reduction, Ref. Aa1049) and performance score and parts for Prélude de Noël pour l'orchestre (Ref. IM169).

The Brno Philharmonic | Archiv Brnenske filharmonie. Komenského námestí 534/8, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic. Performance material for Partita, Suita rustica, Piano Concerto in D Minor, Military Sinfonietta, and Concertino for Violin, Clarinet and Orchestra.

Brno Conservatory Library | Knihovna brnenske konzervatore. Kapitana Jarose 45, 662 54 Brno, Czech Republic. Period performance material for Piano Concerto in D Minor (1st movement).

The Janacek Academy of Performing Arts Music Library | Knihovna JAMU. Novobranska 3, 662 15 Brno, Czech Republic. Copyist copies of Legend and Elegy for violin and piano, song-cycle Seconds of the Year, Piano Concerto in D Minor (piano part), and parts of String Quartet (a heavily edited version which is not recommended for performance).

Czech Radio (Studio Brno) | Hudebni archiv Ceskeho rozhlasu. Beethovenova 4, 657 42 Brno. | Suite en miniature, Waving Farewell for voice and orchestra, Suita rustica, Partita, Prélude de Noël.

Czech Music Fund | Cesky hudebni fond, pujcovna hudebnich materialu. Please note that the Czech Music Fund collection for hire is currently administered by the Czech Radio and Czech Music Information Centre.

The Kapralova Society Documentation Centre is a project of The Kapralova Society to preserve and protect the memory of Czech composer Vitezslava Kapralova. Please write to society[at]kapralova[dot]org if you know of any other archives, public or private, holding Kapralova's autograph scores (or their copies). Last updated: 27/12/2022.