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Vitezslava Kapralova (Brno 1915-Montpellier 1940) is an important twentieth-century Czech composer. She was a daughter of composer Vaclav Kapral and voice teacher Vitezslava Uhlirova. A child prodigy, she started composing at nine, and at fifteen she entered the Brno Conservatory where she studied composition with Vilem Petrzelka and conducting with Zdenek Chalabala and Vilem Steinman (1930-1935). She continued her studies with composer Vitezslav Novak and conductor Vaclav Talich at the Master School of the Prague Conservatory (1935-1937), and further advanced her musical education at the Ecole normale de musique in Paris with Charles Munch (1937-1938) and, according to some unverified accounts, with Nadia Boulanger (1940), while also studying composition privately with Bohuslav Martinu (1938-1939). In 1937, Kapralova conducted the Czech Philharmonic and a year later the BBC Orchestra in her Military Sinfonietta, to much critical acclaim. Despite her untimely death in 1940, from what was misdiagnosed as miliary tuberculosis, Kapralova left behind an impressive body of work. Her music was much admired by Rafael Kubelik who premiered her orchestral song Waving Farewell and performed several other works; so did Rudolf Firkusny, for whom Kapralova composed April Preludes and Two Dances for Piano. In 1946, in appreciation of her distinctive contribution, the foremost academic institution in the country - the Czech Academy of Sciences and the Arts - awarded Kapralova membership in memoriam. By 1948 this honor was bestowed on only 10 women, out of 648 members of the Academy. Only one of the ten women was a musician - Kapralova.

Kapralova's creative output includes her highly regarded art-songs and music for keyboard, chamber music (for cello and piano, violin and piano, flute and piano, reed trio, string quartet, and a voice and instrumental quintet) and orchestral music: two piano concertos, a concertino for clarinet, violin and orchestra, two orchestral suites, a sinfonietta, two choruses, and a cantata for soloists, mixed choir, reciter, and orchestra. Some of Kapralova's music was published during her life (Pazdirek, HMUB, Melantrich, and La Sirene éditions musicales), and continued to be published following the composer's death (some works in multiple editions) by various publishing houses at home (Svoboda, Editio Supraphon, Editio Praga, Czech Radio, and Amos Editio) as well as abroad (Schott, Egge Verlag, Certosa Verlag). Kapralova's music has been released on record by Supraphon and on compact disc by Chandos, Naxos, Supraphon, Euroarts, Delos Music, Koch International Classics, Gramola, Claves Records, Clavier, Northeastern Records, Albany Records, Centaur Records, Wave Theory Records, dB Productions, IBS Classical, Orchid Classics, Czech Radio (Radioservis), ArcoDiva, and Studio Matous.

Kapralova's life has inspired two Czech language monographs, two novels, and other books. In 2011, a long-overdue English language monograph on Kapralova was published in the United States by Lexington Books (Rowman & Littlefield); a French language monograph on the composer followed in 2015 and a German language monograph in 2017. On the occasion of the composer's centenary in 2015, BBC Radio 3 featured Kapralova as their Composer of the Week, dedicating five hours of programming to her music. Also in 2015, The Kapralova Society began publishing an important multi-volume collection of Kapralova's correspondence in an effort to advance Kapralova scholarship. Other publications followed: the Thematic Catalogue of Kapralova's compositions in 2020 (co-published with the Czech Radio), and The Kapralova Case in 2021 (co-published with Klic Books). The latest publication of the Society is a women in music anthology celebrating nine women musicians, including Kapralova.

The Kapralova Society is a Canadian non-profit publisher and music society founded in 1998 in Toronto. An affiliate member of the International Alliance for Women in Music, the Society's mission is to promote interest in Kapralova and other women in music through scholarly research, education, and special projects, often undertaken in partnership with schools of music, public broadcasters, publishing houses, and other organizations. We have assisted recording and publishing of Kapralova's (and other women's) music, and continue to raise awareness of women's contributions to musical life through our publications and online resources.

Advocating for women in music since 1998.
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