The Kapralova Society website reviews

Thank you for a wonderful web resource.
Tara Guthrie

I was pleased to find your list of women composers on the internet--what a wonderful resource for those beginning research. The material you provide will be a great benefit for the promotion of women's musical creativity and I can only hope that it will spark increased interest in women's accomplishments.
Janette Tilley, University of Toronto

I enjoyed your list very much. I will refer to it often, I am certain.
Michael Rice, Fine Arts Center, Greenville, about the women composers database

Congratulations for your work about Vitezslava Kapralova, your website is really excellent.
Thierry Vidal

Congratulations on producing such an excellent website.
Alan Houtchens, Texas A&M University

What a magnificent page - one of the best I've seen.
Russel McNeil, Malaspina University

Jsme poteseni, ze odkaz na nasi stanici nebude chybet na Vasi bajecne webove strance.
Jan Uhlir, Radio Praha

The Kapralova website is well worth visiting.
Malcolm MacDonald, Havergal Brian Society Website

Vitezslava Kapralova Homepage has rapidly turned itself into one of the best Czech music sites on the Internet. The information available on Kapralova herself is expanding, but now there are sections on women composers, Vitezslav Novak and various other items, plus all the usual sorts of link to other sites.
The Dvorak Society of Great Britain Newsletter, January 1999

I continue to be amazed by the ever-expanding and ever-improving pages that started out just about Kapralova but which now encompass so much. My hearty congratulations! I have been searching for information on Vitezslav Novak and found almost nothing of any use whatsoever except your pages, so once again "Thank you".
Peter Herbert, Dvorak Society of Great Britain

Creating a Web site commemorating a person who lived in the first half of the 20th century is quite a challenge. Interaction is obviously out of the question, so it all boils down to finding good bibliographic resources to make it a worthwhile read. These pages, devoted to the famous Czech composer and conductor Vitezslava Kapralova, are also notable for their presentation of her original scores, a comprehensive discography, photographs, and a bibliography. Check it out.
Editor, Orientation. Editor's choice [Award for sites that have been well-constructed and offer stimulating content].

What a great site! Thanks for submitting.
Lucas, Yahoo

I like your site very much.
Vicky De Jonghe, musicology student

I discovered your excellent web site about Vitezslava Kapralova and became curious about the "Deux Ritournelles pour violoncello et piano."
Dieter Wulfhorst, California State University, Fresno

[I ja se] chci pripojit k rade obdivovatelu vasich webovskych stranek. Teprve nyni jsem si je prosla do vsech detailu a mohu skutecne obdivovat jejich informacni bohatost.
Veronika Pospisilova, Library of the Bohuslav Martinu Institute

What a site: a well-presented research, easy to follow for everyone interested.
Matthias Wurz, York University, Great Britain

I recently visited your site and just wanted to tell you how impressed I was by the purpose and utility or your organization.
Kristen A. Imhoff

Thank you for your excellent website on Kapralova and the 1938-1940 chronology.
Judith Fiehler, Library of Congress

The Kapralova Society. Named after a short-lived 20th-century Czech female composer, the Kapralova Society is dedicated to promoting women in music. Its website lists an enormous number of female composers from seemingly every era in western music. Many appear on the site simply as a name and a lifespan, but about one-third of the composers have their own website which is linked to this site. A valuable, stimulating resource.
BBC Online: Recommended Links

Thank you for including me in your important Women Composers Internet site. This is a very valuable resource on women composers.
Barbara Harbach, composer

The list of composers and works at your website was just the kind of thing I was looking for.
David Breckbill, Nebraska Public Radio Network

Your sites are extremely well done, by the way. I always like visiting.
Judith Mabary, University of Missouri-Columbia

[The website] is a kind of a foundation to preserve and protect the memory of Kapralova and it's filled with all kinds of information, and anybody whose interest has in the least bit peaked by what we have been talking about tonight, go and have a look, it's very interesting.
Denise Ball in an interview with CBC host Eric Friesen for CBC Radio Two on 3.5.2001 at 21:10

I regularly look up bios on the net and you have a fine site. Thank you for making this work public.
Fred McGregor

Thank you for including me in your fine website.
Joelle Wallach, composer

Thanks for a wonderful website..
Jenny Lin, pianist

Congratulations on the many upgrades to the website - very useful and fascinating information!
Erik Entwistle, Harvard University

Only this minute did I discover your Kapralova website and am in awe. Thank you for including me.
Gloria Coates, composer

Your web is exceptional. Many compliments.
Vilma Campitelli, musicologist

Congratulations on an informative, well-constructed site.
DMOZ Open Directory Project

Ihre Seite über Dirigentinnen ist wunderbar
Elke Mascha Blankenburg, conductor

I'm happy to have found your site since it will prove useful in my future searches and projects.
Ruth N. Dahlke, Professor of Music, Minnesota State University Moorhead

Firstly I have to thank you: I have, at last, found a site that fulfills my needs! It is exactly what I was looking for: an almost complete list of (recorded) women composers..
Alain GOUSPY, France

You really have a great site and lots of useful information.
Kristina U. Kohler, The Women's Philharmonic

I like your site very much.
Margriet Verbeek, composer

Lots of links and info about women composers. Nice to know someone cares!
Hazel Leach, composer and conductor

Your web site is a most valuable resource.
Nancy Galbreith, composer

Congratulations with your site of the Kapralova Society.
Sabine Haenelbacke, conductor

Thank you for this wonderful project.
Jennifer Martin, conductor

What a wonderful resource! I am glad to add it to my website!
Marianna Wolff, Musica Delle Donna Project, California State University

I enjoy your website and have become fascinated with Kapralova’s life and art.
Deborah Silverberg

Thank you for your list of women composers which I have often used for reference material.
Kathleen Shimeta

Thanks for such an excellent resource.
Kevin Gassaway

Congratulations on a wonderful site.
Susan Cooper, Mayfly Artists

Very nice website.
Cary Boyce, Artistic Director, Aguava New Music Studio

Women Composers - The Kapralova Society's fabulous database of oft-overlooked female composers (eat your heart out, Ludwig!)
Licia North's music links

I have visited your web site and am very impressed with your resource listings. What a great service to the field of women in music.
Nancy Boston

I was very impressed with your website.
Laury Gutierrez, Director, La Donna Musicale

Thanks for your great service!
Øyvind Eik

I am amazed at the exceptional quality and thoroughness of your research.
Dr. Erik Entwistle, Longy School of Music

Congratulations on having a very useful and relevant web site. Because your site is on-topic and informative for the category it is in, we have decided to issue you the So Musical! Top Music Site Award.
Michael Thiessen, Editor, SoMusical!

The Kapralova Society website is an invaluable source that I appreciate greatly!
Sadie Danforth Brightman

Women in Music Internet Project. Excellent metadata site maintained by the Kapralova Society, which is dedicated to "promoting women in music." Particularly useful sites maintained by this society include: Classical Music Women Composers Database, Women Composers of Electroacoustic, Multimedia, Jazz, Incidental, and Popular music, Online Resources on Women in Music, and The Woman Composer Question--A Bibliography.
Brandeis University Libraries

Thank you for compiling such a great resource.
Mary Ogle

A wonderful site!
Anna Rubin, International Alliance for Women in Music

I have enjoyed checking out your excellent website.
Kathryn Mishell, Producer of Into the Light Radio

Your Kapralova site has such great resources on women conductors. Thank you for all this work that I will explore.
Fred McGregor

I admire and value your good work in the promotion of women in music.
Jade Tinkler, conductor

With great pleasure I discovered your clear and informative website today.
Pieter Kuipers, Jagthuis Festival

I have enjoyed using your site as a reference. You are doing some very important work.
Carolyn Broe, conductor

It's a terrific site - keep up the good work.
Patricia Goodson, radio programmer

Thanks for a fine Web site.
Mark Lester

I am full of admiration for the work you are doing, and the excellent web-site for Kapralova.
Charles Kraus, Chorus Manager

Often overlooked in online surveys of composers are the hundreds of women who have made lasting contribution to the world of music. This site, part of the Women in Music project of Ontario’s Kapralova Society, helps fill the gaps with this impressive of female composers.
Freehold Township Elementary and Middle Schools Media Center - Websites to check out

Congratulations on your ‘labor of love’ site on women composers which is very useful.
Ellen J. Burns, University of Albany

Women Composers. Although they modestly state they are "by no means the ultimate database of women composers", this site does an excellent job of providing biographies on more than 200 women composers.
The Brooks-Cork Library Website, Shelton State Community College, Alabama (as at May 11, 2005)

Congratulation for your very clear, intelligent and well done web-site.
Monique Bar

A comprehensive list of female conductors drawn up by the Kapralova Society (named after the Czech composer Vitezslava Kapralova and "dedicated to promoting women in music") is striking not simply for its energetic pursuit of names both known and obscure, but because it needs to exist at all.
Guardian Unlimited

How incredible to find this site - what a wonderful tribute to the women of the podium! Congratulations on taking the time to honor all of these wonderful musicians.
Liza Grossman, conductor

Your web site about Vitezslava Kapralova is excellent.
Elinor Morrisby

However, I must express my deepest gratitude to 'Sam in Malta' for having sent me the link to The Kapralova Society. What a treasure trove it is! There are currently 362 women conductors listed there. Can you believe it? 362! I kept getting lost at the site, wandering around, enjoying myself immensely!
Kelly Ferjutz, Music and Vision Daily

Chci Vam podekovat za zarazeni me osoby na stranky Women Conductors. Blahopreji Vam k tomuto projektu, kde jsem nasla mnoho zajimavych informaci, odkazu a k memu prekvapeni i me jmeno.
Gabriela Tardonova, conductor

Kapralova resources page, an excellent general place to start; Women Conductors (an impressive listing from the Kapralova web site); Kapralova Women Composers database.
MusL200: Women and Music. Recommended links. Vanderbilt University

Unacceptable! DO YOU THINK WE TALKED ABOUT ANY OF THEM IN CLASS?!?!?!? EVER!!! It made me so bitter I almost cried.

I found your site, and Kapralova. I really like your site. I loved the way you've laid the site out, and the samples of her work you displayed.
Robert "Gurdonark"

Many thanks for your site that I found more than interesting.
Silvia Massarelli, conductor

Congratulations on your excellent work. It truly represents how, when well-designed, the Internet can bring us all together!
Ellen J. Burns, Ph.D., U-Albany Music Department

Fantastic general list of women composers working in film, with links to their websites: well worth exploring.
Middlesex University Music Group Website

The Dvorak Society is pleased to draw attention to the extremely valuable work of the Kapralova Society whose success is very much due to the efforts of Karla Hartl, its Founder and Chair. Visitors to the Kapralova Society site will find the Calendar well worth a look, and there is much other important information: see
The Dvorak Society for Czech and Slovak Music

Congratulations on your beautiful page that is for all of us a source of information and discovery!
Prof. Nelly LiPuma, composer

Una de las conclusiones inescapables de esta discusión es que el podio y la batuta parecen seguir siendo reductos fundamentalmente masculinos, sobre todo en sociedades atávicas, excluyentes y machistas como la nuestra. ¿Alguno de ustedes recuerda a Isabel Mayagoitia? ¿Alguno de ustedes ha visto dirigir a Teresa Rodríguez, Gina Enríquez, Josefina Álvarez Ierena, Gabriela Díaz Alatriste o Evelyn Groesch? ¿No? Entonces, a manera de introducción tangencial, remito al lector interesado en las directoras de orquesta a asomarse a la página, en la que hay interesantes sorpresas.
Juan Arturo Brennan

It's amazing how much material is available on her (Kapralova) and listed so clearly on the site.
Naomi Oliphant

Congrats on the website, it's an excellent chronicle of Kapralova's short life.
Rob Brown, filmmaker

Most of us cannot imagine a woman conducting an orchestra. Maestro Ioannides is the first female conductor many of us have ever seen. The Web site, is a project dedicated to women in music. It spotlights 362 women conductors. We can give celebration, that one of the women featured on that website is the conductor of the Spartanburg Philharmonic Orchestra!
Greenville blog

Kapralova Society: Women in Music Internet Project. A directory of links to web sites and resources about women in music, including the above-mentioned "Women Composers" databases. Of particular interest is the link "listen to women composers' music," which features audio clips. Also, the "women conductors" database and "the woman composer question" bibliography of further reading materials.
College Library, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Thank you for a remarkable and useful registry of Women Composers 'on compact disc.'
Mark A. Miller

Hello -- I first discovered your site two years ago, when I wrote about women conductors Now I'm writing about women composers, and there you are! Fabulous.
Kelly Ferjutz

But -- hang on to your bonnets! Go here, and revel in more than seven hundred women composers! And get this! All these composers of classical music have to have been recorded on CD in order to be eligible for inclusion. Yes, Yes! YES!!!!! Oh, joy! You'll love it. Guaranteed.
Kelly Ferjutz,

From The Kapralova Society Journal I learned a lot about narrow-mindedness of male psychology and philosophy colleagues regarding the "women composer question".
Simone Stefanie Klein, The Creatrix

Your website was very helpful as I wrote a dissertation on American women composers of choral music.
Greggory Darrel Cannady, College of Music, University of Colorado at Boulder

Congratulations on a great website and a wonderful contribution to music!
Barbara Harbach, composer

Liste des femmes compositeurs - base de donnée allant du Moyen-Age à nos jours particulièrement intéressante offrant des liens vers des centaines de sites (en anglais) sur ces musiciennes souvent totalement inconnues.
A Coeur Joie, Fédération chorale Wallonie-Bruxelles

You have assembled a superb, valuable website.
Michael Keyton, Ph.D.

See for an amazing list of women who have ascended the podium!
Mark, Facebook

Kapralova resources page, an excellent general place to start.
Women Conductors (an impressive listing from the Kapralova web site).
Women and Music, MusL 200, Vanderbilt University

As is so often the case, cultural dictates certainly influenced the exposure women composers have had down thru the ages. [U]pon learning of the great French pedagogue Nadia Boulanger, who had taught such greats as A.Copland, V. Thompson, Roy Harris (I think) and even Phillip Glass, I thought, hmm,.... where are the women composers? Turns out there were, and are many. And they were, are, so very talented every bit as much as men, but without the societal impediments men didn't have to deal with. Turned out to be an amazing area of musical discovery, the music of women composers. I can't recommend enough the guys checking out their work. Here's just one of many links to get you started. .
John Elich, forum

Often overlooked in online surveys of composers are the hundreds of women who have made a lasting contribution to the world of music. This site, part of the Women in Music project of Ontario's Kapralova Society, helps to fill in the gaps with this impressive list of female composers of both past and present.
Sayre School Library

I've enjoyed learning about composers that I've never heard before, and listening to the music clips.
Tom Quick,

I wanted to express a heartfelt thank you for introducing me to the world of Kapralova and her music.
Robert Simon

[T]his is a site worth going through:

For a wonderful source of information in English on the subject of women composers, I recommend the site
Florence Launay, Mannheim, Germany

I have enjoyed the society web site and am thrilled with the many links for research references which are provided. This is a wonderful service.
Lynn Job, DMA, composer

Q: Ma la Direzione e la Composizione, quelle sì che sembrano essere tabu per le donne del nostro tempo e qui penso che le ingerenze maschili(ste) non possano venire tirate in causa. Si tratta di una condizione di cui non so spiegarmi l'essere; forse la mancanza d'interesse verso queste forme artistiche? Forse soltanto una donna ci può dare una risposta in tal senso.
A: Mi sembra dia una buona risposta:
Forum della chitarra classica

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