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beach bonis boulanger clarke crawford hensel kapralova mägi pejacevic saariaho smyth tailleferre wieck


  • women and music: a journal of gender and culture | publisher: university of nebraska press
  • the iawm journal | a journal of the international alliance for women in music
  • viva voce | a journal of frau und musik
  • the kapralova society journal: a journal of women in music | publisher: kapralova society
  • signature: a magazine of the maud powell society, devoted to the achievements of women in classical music, past and present
  • women of note quarterly | a journal published by vivace press


  • the woman composer question: a bibliography | by eugene gates
  • the woman conductor: selected readings and other resources | by kapralova society


  • woman's work in music | by arthur elson, 1908
  • have women had just opportunities in music? | etude magazine (august 1910)
  • timelines in music history: women in music |oxford music online
  • women composers in byzantium |by diane touliatos-miliotis
  • the woman composer question: philosophical and historical perspectives | by eugene gates
  • women composers. a critical review of the psychological literature | by eugene gates
  • where are all the women composers? reclaiming a cultural heritage | by eugene gates
  • composing identity: what is a woman composer? | by linda catlin smith
  • the representation of women in european and american orchestras | by regina himmelbauer
  • genteel discretion and easy complacency a case of vienna philharmonic | by william osborne
  • what is classical music's women problem? | by anastasia tsioulcas
  • where are the women? women's access to teaching composition | by william osborne


  • database | by kapralova society
  • database | by musik und gender im internet
  • database | by kvast (in swedish)
  • database | by diana ambache
  • database | by wikipedia
  • electroacoustic | jazz | film | stage | music | by kapralova society
  • experimental and sound art | by audible women
  • catalog of works with horn by female composers | by lin foulk
  • czech women composers | by karla hartl
  • french women composers in the 19th-century by florence launay (in french)
  • polish women composers | by polish music center, university of south florida
  • spanish and latin american women composers | by carmen cecilia pinero gil

    societies (composers)

  • l'association mel bonis (france)
  • l'association marie jaël (france)
  • the rebecca clarke society (usa)
  • the kapralova society (canada)
  • elinor remick warren society (usa)
  • clara schumann society (usa)

    societies (conductors)

  • femmes maestros (international)

    women in music organizations

  • alliance for women film composers (usa)
  • association femmes et musique (france)
  • association of canadian women composers
  • chinese women composers' association (hong kong)
  • cid-femmes (luxembourg)
  • el colectivo de mujeres en la música a.a. (mexico)
  • forum musik diversitat schweiz (switzerland)
  • frau und musik (germany)
  • international alliance for women in music (iawm)
  • kvast - association of swedish women composers
  • musica femina münchen (germany)
  • new york women composers inc.
  • romanian women in the arts
  • the sophie drinker institute (germany)
  • women in music (united kingdom)
  • women's philharmonic advocacy (united states)

    women's music podcasts

  • women's music podcasts | courtesy of listening to ladies
  • hildegard to hildegard courtesy of soundartradio.org.uk
  • historical women composers | courtesy of compos(h)er
  • women composers' midi | courtesy of sarah whitworth
  • women's music clips | courtesy of into the light

    labels and sheet music publishers

  • arsis press
  • furore verlag
  • hildegard publishing company
  • certosa verlag
  • ladyslipper music by women
  • leonarda records
  • lorelt (lontano records ltd)
  • vienna modern masters
  • vivace press
  • voice of lyrics


  • amsterdam fm | "radio monalisa" is a weekly program of women's music produced by patricia werner leanse
  • wpkn fm | "amazon radio" is a weekly program of women singer-songwriters and instrumentalists produced by pamela smith
  • kwax | this university of oregon station is one of iawm's honored broadcasters for its commitment to broadcasting music written by women
  • wmfe | this members supported public broadcaster, based in orlando, florida, is another of iawm's broadcasters honored for its commitment to broadcasting music written by women
  • wprb princeton | "classical discoveries" is a weekly program devoted to little known repertoire, including music by women composers, produced by marvin rosen
  • ckwr fm98.5 | tom quick's women in music series can be heard twice a month during his regular monday night (9-11pm) program at the community radio based in waterloo, ontario
  • radio artsindonesia | a jakarta-based online radio whose founder and programmer charles.d. conrad regularly programs women's music


  • festival presences feminines | a festival organized by presences feminines, toulon, france
  • women in music festival | an annual festival organized by the eastman school of music, university of rochester
  • women composers festival of hartford | an annual festival organized by friends of women composers society, hartford, connecticut
  • international festival of women composers | an annual festival organized by the margaret zach international women composers' library
  • komponistinnen und ihr werk | concert series of women's music in kassel, germany
  • specs on! international feminist art music festival | an annual festival in berlin, germany
  • frauenkomponiert | concert series of women's music in basel, switzerland


  • ambache chamber orchestra
  • the art song project
  • capella artemisia
  • community women's orchestra
  • virginia eskin
  • la donna musicale
  • lontano ensemble
  • harold rosenbaum
  • meininger trio
  • plectra ensemble
  • women's voices

    performer databases

  • women conductors | by kapralova society
  • women at the piano
  • women in jazz
  • female a capella groups