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tyrrell reisserova vorlova kapralova petrova obrovska loudova bodorova hudbaby
tyrrell reisserova vorlova kapralova petrova obrovska loudova bodorova hudbaby

born between 1950-1975

Jana Bardonova [1965]. Selected works: "Dream and Phoenix" for piano, quartet for oboe, violin, viola, and cello, "Flowing" for chamber orchestra.
Sandra Bergmannova [1974]. Musicologist, composer. Studied composition at the Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory in Prague. Orchestral compositions, film music.
Iva Bittova [1958]. Singer, violinist, composer. Chamber works.
Sylvie Bodorova [1954]. Composer. Studied composition with Ctirad Kohoutek. Orchestral, chamber, choral, vocal compositions. Music available on CD.
Vera Cermakova [1961]. Studied composition with Oldrich Semerak (1986-92). Selected works: Orchestral: Four Fragments for Symphony Orchestra (1993); Chamber: 4 string quartets, Three Bagatelles for saxophone quartet (1996), Metamorphoses for cello and piano (1997), "Prolinani" for flute and organ. Solo instrument: Seven Preludes for guitar (1994), "Still Life with a Clarinet" for clarinet (1996), Elegy for flute (1997), "Contrasts" for clarinet (1997), "Confrontations" for cello (1998, 2003). Piano: Preludes (1991), Fantasy (1993), Caleidoscopes (1996, 2000), Lyrical Fragments (1997). Vocal: 3-part song-cycle "Reflections and Meditations" for soprano, tenor and instrumental accompagniment.
Vaclava Cernohorska [1972]. Studied composition with Milan Bachorek. Selected works: Sonata for oboe, Rondo for clarinet and piano, Movement for clarinet, violin, cello and piano, "Jazzonata" for flute and piano.
Zoja Cernovska [1960]. Studied composition with Frantisek Emmert, Petr Eben and Svatopluk Havelka. Selected works: Responsae for organ, strings, and percussion (1990), Sonata for violin and piano, string quartet (1987), "Somnia et Noctium Phantasmata," for flute and organ (1990), "Lamento", for middle voice and string quartet (1989), Madrigals for women's chamber choir (1989), cantata "Staleti popluji ke mne jako vory," for baritone and piano (1991). Music available on CD.
Michaela Eremiasova [1974]. Composer, teacher. Eremiasova studied composition at the Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory in Prague and jazz composition at Berklee College of Music, further advancing her studies in composition in a doctoral program at the Eastman School of Music (University of Rochester). Her creative output includes chamber music, film music and music for the stage.
Veronika Hanakova [1975]. Musicologist, dulcimer player, composer. Studied dulcimer with Milada Kapitanova and composition with Vladimir Werner at the Brno Conservatory, as well as music history at the Masaryk University in Brno. Her creative output includes a wind quintet, two choruses for mixed choir, and other compositions.
Radka Houskova née Baudisova [1967]. Studied composition with professors Macourek and Dousa. Chamber, piano, and vocal compositions, music for chamber orchestra.
Olga Jezkova [1956]. Studied composition with Frantisek Kovaricek at the Prague Conservatory. Orchestral, chamber, choral, and vocal compositions. Instructive music. Listen to her Barlach's Angel for flute and string quintet. Jezkova's music is also available on CD.
Zlatica Jurisova [1968]. Born in Slovakia, Jurisova became a Czech citizen in early 1990s and now lives in Prague. She studied composition at the Prague Conservatory (1990-92) and Prague Academy of Music (with Juraj Filas, 1992-1997). Selected compositions: Piano Sonata, Dialogues for Accordion, Miniatures for oboe, "Thou That Glitter" for flute, oboe, guitar, and violoncello, Three Compositions for flute and violoncello, "Prosba Poutnikova" for piano trio, Saxophone Quartet, Cantata for soprano, flute, and harp, Fantasy Concertante on Solomon's texts for dulcimer, 2 sopranos, 2 narrators, and chamber orchestra, Three Songs for mixed choir, "Cosi 3" for voice and orchestra, "Bezbrehym oceanem spechame k obzoru" for chamber orchestra.
Afrodita Katmeridu [1956]. Studied composition with Frantisek Emmert, Miloslav Istvan, Alois Pinos, and Zdenek Zouhar at the Janacek Academy of Performing Arts in Brno. Chamber music: Two Miniatures for solo violin (1978), String Quartet No. 1 (1979), No. 2 (1981), No. 3 (1985), No. 4 (1999); Barbaric Dance and Finale for solo violin (1985); Voices of the Past for voice, clarinet, piano, and viola; Rapsody for solo violin (2002). Orchestral music: Impulsioni e meditationi per violino solo e orchestra (1982), Prelude for String Orchestra (1983), Impressions for String Orchestra (1995); Concerto for violin, orchestra, and percussion. Electroacoustic music.
Marie Terezie Kocandrlova [1975], pseudonym Terezie Martinova. She studied composition with Edvard Schiffauer at the Ostrava Conservatory. Composer of vocal and choral music (e.g., Priere de consecration a la Reine de la Paix for solo baritone, Crucem tuam for mixed choir).
Zdena Kosnarova [1971]. Pianist, composer. She studied piano at the Ostrava Conservatory, jazz piano and composition at the Jaroslav Jezek Consevatory in Prague, and composition under Juraj Filas at the Prague Academy of Music. Her oeuvre includes solo instrument, chamber, orchestral and vocal music, and four melodramas.
Lenka Kozderkova Simkova [1967]. Flutist who also composes for her instrument. She studied flute at the Ostrava Conservatory and the Janacek Academy of Performing Arts in Brno. Member of the Goelan Duo. Compositions for flute and violin (co-authored with Lenka Zupkova), Larus for Flute and electronics. Music available on CD.
Jitka Kozeluhova [1966]. Studied composition with Ilja Hurnik, Petr Eben, and Svatopluk Havelka at the Prague Academy of Music. Selected compositions: Orchestral: Concertino for Piano and Orchestra (c1990), "Inner Voice", for viola and orchestra (1995), Symphony '2007'. Chamber music: Partita for wind quintet (1986), piano trio, Variations for oboe and piano (c1989), string quartet (1991), trio for flute, cello and piano (1992), Suite for saxophone quartet (1992), "Three Sentences about the Christmas Story", for oboe, clarinet, bassoon and piano (1992-93), "To Angels" for two flutes, two clarinets, piano and string quartet (1996), "Night Reflection" for two violins and cello (1997), "A stale dal a dal zazniva Haleluja" (And hallelujah does not die away) for violoncello and piano; Piano: Sonatina (1986), "Der heimliche Schmerz" - fantasy on a theme from Schubert's Rondo, op. 84 for piano four hands (1994); Vocal: Six Songs on Poems by Emily Dickinson for soprano and piano (1991; publ. by Classical Vocal Reprints), "Aus der Tiefe" for mixed choir, two narrators and organ on the text by Huub Oosterhuis (1994), cantata "Thou That Are Thirsty Come to the Waters" for alto, baritone, cor anglais, piano and percussion (1995), Three Canticles for six women's voices, clarinet, and piano (1998). Listen to Kozeluhova's Sonatina for piano. Her music is also available on CD.
Marketa Mazourova [1974]. Percussionist, composer. Her creative output includes music for percussion and incidental music.
Jindra Necasova-Nardelli [1960]. Composer. She studied composition with Jindrich Feld and Vaclav Riedlbauch in Prague. Orchestral, chamber, piano, vocal music. Publisher: Alliance Publications. Her music is also available on CD.
Lenka Nota, née Foltynova [1971]. Composer, musicologist. She studied composition with Jarmila Mazourova and Frantisek Emmert. Since 2005 she has lived and worked in Austria. Her creative output includes piano, chamber, orchestral, vocal and choral compositions, and an opera (on libretto by Olga Sommerova). Listen to her opera "Jsem knezna blaznu", about Czech writer Bozena Nemcova. Nota's music is also available on CD.
Ilona Polaskova [1973]. Studied composition under Edvard Schiffauer at the Janacek Conservatory in Ostrava. Electroacoustic music.
Marketa Prochazkova [1963–2020]. composer, pianist, organ player, piano teacher, writer of poetry. Wife of folk musician Petr Lutka. Prochazkova studied composition at the Prague conservatory under Ilja Hurnik and at the Prague Academy of Music with Josef Ceremuga. Her creative output includes Sextet for flute, string quartet and piano, Concerto for Piano and Strings, Concertino for oboe, English horn, piano and orchestra, and many arrangements for organ.
Katerina Ruzickova-Pinosova [1972]. Composer, music teacher. She studied composition in Brno with Jarmila Mazourova, Arnost Parsch, and Svatopluk Havelka. Piano, chamber, vocal, orchestral, electronic compositions. She lives in Germany. Listen to her compositions on YouTube. Ruzickova-Pinosova's music is also available on CD.
Jolana Saidlova, née Hlochova [1969]. Studied composition with Svatopluk Havelka at the Prague Academy of Music. Orchestral, chamber, solo instrument, piano compositions, songs, incidental music.
Sylva Smejkalova [1974]. Composer. She studied composition with Milan Bachorek at the Janacek Conservatory in Ostrava, with Marek Kopelent at the Prague Academy of Music, and with Alois Pinos at the Janacek Academy of Performing Arts in Brno. Solo piano, chamber, orchestral, and electroacoustic music. Incidental music.
Ruzena Srsnova [1967]. Her compositions include: "Vinobrani" for flute and violin, "Fantazie" for solo violin, "Balada o jednom ztroskotanem manzelstvi", song on text of Ladislav Vrkoc for Bt, fl, vn, and pno.
Irena Szurmanova, née Tokarzova [1967]. Composer. She studied composition with Milan Bachorek at the Ostrava Conservatory and with Svatopluk Havelka at the Prague Academy of Music. Her creative output includes music for piano, chamber ensembles, orchestra, and choir. List of compositions (selection): Piano Etude, Four Inventions for Piano, "Zablesky zevnitr" for violoncello and piano, Sonatina for flute and piano, Trio for clarinet, violin, and piano, Quintet for violin, violoncello, clarinet, horn, and piano, Septet pro flute, oboe, bass clarinet, violin, viola, violoncello and piano, "Rocks and Stones" for trumpet, percussion and piano, "Ctyri vety na Izaiase" for soprano, piano, and strings, "2 vety na Izaiase" for choir and piano, melodrama "Women" on text of Lech Nierostek, "Ctyri nalady" (Four Moods) for symphony orchestra.
Hana Vejvodova [1963-1994]. Composer, pianist. A major talent whose life was tragically cut short at 31. Studied piano performance with Jaromir Kriz and composition with Ilja Hurnik, Svatopluk Havelka, and Prof. Donatoni. Her catalogue comprises 40 compositions which include 17 piano compositions and 5 orchestral works, among others. Orchestral compositions: Serenade for Strings, Passacaglia for Symphony Orchestra (1986), 'Deliranda' and 'Arkanum' - symphonic movements (1988-89; 1991-92), Concerto for Piano and Chamber Orchestra (1992-93). Chamber compositions: Suite for Three Clarinets in B-flat (1985), Duets for flute and violin, Wind Quartet, Elegy for violin and organ, Trio for Two flutes and Piano, Brass Quintet (1988), Suite for oboe and piano, Sonata for oboe and piano (1991); Piano compositions: Five Piano Sketches, Etude, Sonatina No. 1, 2, 3, Sonata in C (1984), Sonata for four hands (1985), Partita Bizzara, Sonata No. 2 "Confession" (1988-90), Ten Miniatures, Eight Bagatelles (1993), Sonata No. 3 "Tribute to Nature" (1993-94), Short Stories, Sonata No. 4 "Fate" (1994). Vocal music: Song of the Slain Lover, Chants about the Death of an Empire, for mixed choir (1988), Fairy-tale for mixed choir, Cycle of Three Love Songs, Pathways of Love for higher voice and piano; Music for children: Bouquet of Flowers (cycle of five songs for the youngest children), Watercolour Paintings (seven miniatures for piano, published in 1988 by Editio Supraphon), Animals' Ball (piano suite).
Monika Vejvodova [1975]. Studied composition with Bohuslav Rehor, Ivana Loudova, and Juraj Filas. Composer of classical, jazz, and popular music. Classical music compositions: Dreamy Suite for Piano, Miniatures for Flute, Melancholy Duets for viola and cello, Dialogo per Tre for string trio, Romance for Chamber Orchestra, and Cantata about the Birth of Virgin Mary.
Marcela Vocilkova-Trtkova [1972]. Studied composition with Leos Faltus at the Janacek Academy of Performing Arts in Brno (1992-98). List of works: "About Myself" for soprano and cello on text by Leonard Cohen (1994), "Per oboe, due clarinetti et fagotto" (1996), flute quartet (1995), "Piano Bit(e)s" for piano, "Cimmar" for dulcimer and marimba (1994), Two Psalms for mixed chorus (1997), Two Pieces, for four brass instruments (1995), "Conflicts," for large orchestra (1997), "Meditation on Creation" for flute, clarinet, viola, cello and double bass (1999), Duo for piano and dulcimer (2001).
Leona Zezulova, née Hadasova [1959–2005]. Soprano, pianist, composer, music teacher, writer. Zezulova studied composition at the Brno Conservatory. Her compositions include piano music, music for brass and wind instruments, music for strings, and vocal music.
Lenka Zupkova [1970]. Violinist (Goelan Duo) who also composes chamber music for her instrument. She studied at the State Conservatory of Ostrava and at the Janacek Academy of Music. Compositions for flute and violin (with Lenka Kozderkova-Simkova). Music available on CD.

born between 1976-1990

Eliska Cilkova [1987]. Composer, pianist. Studied composition and conducting at the Prague Conservatory, continued her studies in composition at the Academy of Perfoming Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia. Some of her music has been published and is also available on CD. Orchestral and stage music: Etapy (Stages) for Strings, Veta (A Movement) for Orchestra, Genitures for Orchestra; Chamber music: Four Pieces for Violin (clarinet, saxophone) and Piano, The Dialogue, Forever Friends, Coming Back, Latin Mood (published by AMOS EDITIO, Prague 2010), Orfeovo rozhodnutí (Orfeus’ Decision) for Violoncello and Piano, "Vzpominka" (Reminiscence) for Piano Trio, Piano Quintet in C major, Betrayal for 2 trumpets in C, marimba, violin, viola and violoncello; Works for violin, piano, bass, drums (Jazzmaze, I Have Nothing to Lose, Summer Tale); Compositions for piano solo: "Vedomi skutecnosti" (Consciousness of Reality), 13 Movements, "V modrem salonku" (In a Blue Lounge); Vocal and choral music: One Day for voice, piano, bass and drums, "Bershava" for soprano and clarinet in B flat, Air for Soprano and Strings, "Krajina" (Landscape) for voice, 2 violins, viola, piano, "Spi, o divko milovana" (Sleep, Oh Beloved Maiden) for mixed chorus, "Sanctus“ for mixed chorus; Electroacoustic music: Homecoming. Listen to her Storm Cloud for solo flute.
Jana Dolezelova Barinkova [1981]. She studied composition with Frantisek Emmert and Ivo Medek at the Janacek Academy of Performing Arts in Brno. Her creative output includes vocal and chamber music, music for chamber orchestra, and electroacoustic music. Music available on CD.
Marketa Dvorakova [1977]. Composer, pedagogue. She tudied composition with Jan Grossmann and Edvard Schiffauer (Conservatory of Ostrava) and Leos Faltus and Ivo Medek (Janacek Academy of Performing Arts, Brno). Vocal, piano, chamber, orchestral compositions, and an opera. Music available on CD.
Ivana Fitznerova, née Camrdova [1976]. Her creative output includes "Die Quartenpoesie" for two guitars, Guitar Trilogy for two guitars, "Awakenings" for Strings, "Three Colours of Rainbow" for trumpet and strings, "Vzyvani casu" for symphony orchestra; jazz music.
Rachel Fortin [1980]. She studied composition at the Prague Academy of Music. Her creative output includes chamber music (solo instruments, violin and piano, violin and violoncello, harp, string quartet).
Beata Hlavenkova, née Moravkova [1978]. Jazz pianist, composer. She studied composition at the Janacek Conservatory in Ostrava and advanced her musical education at the University of Massachusetts. Her creative output includes chamber music, jazz music, film music and music for the stage.
Adriana Janakova [1979]. Her creative output includes "Studies" for violoncello, piano trio, clarinet quartet, and "C'est la vie," for clarinet, piano and string quartet.
Martina Kachlova [1990]. Pianist, music teacher, composer. She studied piano at the Conservatory of P. J. Vejvanovsky in Kromeriz and composition with Frantisek Emmert (Janacek Academy of Performing Arts in Brno) and Lucie Papanetzova (VSMU in Bratislava). Her creative output includes Sonata for bass clarinet and violoncello, "Light" - a melodrama for string quartet, "Pray" for viola, and other chamber music.
Eva Kalavska Faltusova [1976]. She studied composition with Prof. O. Kvech at the Prague Conservatory (1998-2004). Chamber and orchestral compositions, electroacoustic music. Selected works: Suite "Ludus Naturae" for piano and orchestra, Sinfonietta "Ad Purificandum," "Verbum Patris Hodie" for mixed choir and orchestra, Missa Caliginosa for organ and mixed choir, Ballata for brass instruments, Misterioso for piano solo, "Sea Waves" for tenor and piano, "Atmosphere" for flute and electronics.
Daniela Kosinova [1977]. Organist, pianist, singer, composer of classical music and pop-jazz. List of works: "Na Kampe" - a sketch for piano (1992), Lamentoso and Toccata for organ (1997), Three Pieces for French Horn Quartet (1997, Thomas Music Publishing, Prague 2005), Small Suite, for clarinet quartet (1997), "Laudes" for clarinet (sax) and organ (2000), "Omnia Vincit Amor" for lower voice and string quartet (2002). Her recording of pop-jazz songs "Meeting Point" (2009) is available on CD.
Sara Medkova, née Lenka Sarah Zalcikova [1983]. Concert pianist and composer. She studied composition with Ivan Medek at the Janacek Academy of Performing Arts in Brno. Selected compositions: Toccata and Adagio in C Minor for chamber ensemble, "Songs from Sion" for mixed choir, and "Symbols" for dulcimer.
Michaela Plachka [1981]. She studied composition at the Prague Academy of Music. Her creative output includes chamber and vocal music, sound art. She lives and works in Germany. Music available on CD.
Hana Skarkova, née Srubarova [1978]. Soprano, pianist, music teacher, composer. Her creative output includes two song cycles (for soprano and piano, and for soprano, clarinet and piano), and an oratorio for soprano, bass, mixed choir and orchestra.
Marie Sommerova, née Holanova [1980]. She studied composition at the Prague Conservatory and Prague Academy of Music. Music for children's choir and mixed choir.
Katerina Straznicka [1979]. She studied composition with Arnost Parsch at the Janacek Academy of Performing Arts in Brno. Selected compositions: "Songs of Distant Homeland" for SMAB and flute on Chinese folk poetry; "Exotika z doslechu," for two voices, flute, clarinet, viola and percussion, Duo for oboe and accordion, "Vetvicka jmeli" for mixed chorus, "Study" for three percussion players, Three Movements for flute, "Alla motto perpetuo" for violin, cello and piano.
Lenka Sturalova [1985]. She studied composition with Milan Bachorek at the Janacek Conservatory in Ostrava and with Leos Faltus at the Janacek Academy of Performing Arts in Brno. Her compositions include: Concertino for oboe and strings, Divertimento for Trumpet and Strings, Etude for percussion instruments, "Fragmenti" for harpsichord, "Morientale" for viola and violoncello, "Segmenti" for harpsichord, and Three Songs.
Petra Susko, née Gavlasova [1976]. Composer. She studied composition with Milan Bachorek, Edvard Schiffauer, and Milan Slavicky at the Prague Academy of Music. Solo instrument, chamber, orchestral, and vocal compositions. Music for electronics, jazz music, music for the stage and screen. Susko's music is available on CD.
Lucie Vitaskova [1980]. Composer. Her music includes solo instrument, chamber, orchestral, vocal, and electroacoustic compositions: "A traverso della realta" for symphony orchestra, "Journeys" for orchestra, "Contrasts" for piano, Suite for solo flute, Three Pieces for alt sax and percussion, a vocal cycle "Mesice" on text by Vitezslav Nezval, "Ringing Colours" for electronics.
Lucie Vitkova [1985]. She studied composition with Pavel Zemek Novak at the Brno Conservatory and Peter Graham (pseudonym of Jaroslav Stastny Pokorny) at the Janacek Academy of Performing Arts in Brno. Unetane tojkef for soprano, string quartet and chamber string orchestra, Composition for flute and tape.
Jana Vörösova [1980]. Composer. She studied composition with Bohuslav Rehor at the Prague Conservatory and with Vaclav Riedlbach at the Prague Academy of Music. She advanced her music education at the Koninklijk Conservatoire in Brussels. Her oeuvre include chamber, orchestral and vocal compositions.

Search this database to find some of the scores by the above women composers.


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